Joining Longship Company

Membership in the Longship Company, Ltd. is available at the very affordable rate of $20 (US) for the first year and $40 yearly thereafter. Members have the right to request the scheduling of voyages at the mutual convenience of themselves and a captain and adequate crew, provided the vessels are not already booked. Members also may nominate and be nominated to the Board of Trustees and vote in board elections. A large portion of your membership is tax deductible due to the 501(c)3 status of the company. Please check with the treasurer to determine how much is appropriate.

Member fees are used to maintain and repair the vessels and their trailers and to take them to demonstrations, fairs, festivals, schools, libraries and regattas.

To join The Longship Company, Ltd, send a check, money order or international money order in US funds to the treasurer. Include your name, address, telephone number (optional) and e-mail address. Also, state whether you want your info accessible only to the membership officer and the board, or if you want it to also be included in any membership directories we may publish in the future. We will (unless told otherwise) add your e-mail address to the list we use to remind people of voyages and work parties. If you do NOT want to be on this list, please notify us of that.

The Longship Company, Ltd.
c/o Alix Evans, Treasurer
1411 Laurel Dr.
Accokeek, MD 20607

If you have any questions or comments please email or call the Longship Hotline at 301-390-4089.

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