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Schedule of Upcoming Activities and Events 2024
Voyages and Work Sessions
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Voyages & Work Sessions

All dates and details should be confirmed through the LSCo Hotline 301-390-4089 - note, this is a person's house, please don't call before 9:00am Eastern Time or after midnight).

Email longshipco AT hotmail.com for more information on all events


Current voyage schedule

The Sae Hrafn is out of the water for winter/spring maintenance - (See Work Sessons)

Great thanks to all of you who helped work on the ship last year and took part in the 2023 sailing season. .

December 9 was the best December Saturday tide-wise for haul out, and the weather turned out wonderfully cooperative; 50s, sunshine, very light wind from SW. With a total of 8 crew we had enough people to cover all the vital tasks. Although running a bit later than high tide, the wind blowing water up the bay and creek helped us out. With additional ballasting of the rear of the ship, we avoided the usual struggle getting full forward on the trailer, so things went relatively quickly and smoothly. We got the ship back to Oakley and into the shelter with daylight to spare



Our typical voyage is a casual afternoon trip of a few hours, devoted to developing ship handling skills, conducting archeology by experimentation, scouting locations for future filming or other activities, and/or just enjoying the the water, sun, surroundings, wildlife, etc. while getting some great exercise. Those guests physically able to do so are expected to help in rowing and the general operation of the ship as needed. Depending on crew size, the weather, and other conditions, we may go out on the lower Potomac (or Chesapeake or Patuxent - depending where we are docked), or explore some of the nearer and more sheltered estuaries in the area. If you would like to take part in a voyage, we welcome you to come along as a guest -- space and circumstances permitting. Contact us to make arrangements and get the required information.  There is no charge.   However, donations to the organization are most welcome, and enable us to maintain these unique historical and educational resources here in the mid-Atlantic region.

You can join our ListServ which gets information on upcoming Longship Company voyages, other activities and events, discussion of boats, etc., please visit the for information or send an email to mailto:longshipco@hotmail.com

Work Sessions 

Maintaining the ship is critical to the Longship Company, and participating in the work provides as much, or more, historical experience and insight as sailing and rowing on her.

WORK SESSIONS 2024 -- Dates and tasks are tentative depending on the weather. Check for updates on the listserve

Saturday March 16 - Work Session The power washing has been done, so, while some minor repairs are being done, sanding of the ship interior and the individual removed deck planks can be started, along with inspecting the caulking, and starting on scraping any areas of loose bottom paint. As always, there is equipment that needs to be inspected, inventoried, and put in better order. With temperatures warming, additional attention needs to be given to protecting vulnerable wood items from emerging carpenter bees.

Saturday March 30 - Work Session Continue any needed sanding on the interior and then vacuum the ship. Contiune working on the bottom in preparation for caulking and bottom painting. The bilge will likely be sprayed at the end of the day.

Tentative - Saturday April 6 - Work session Depending on how much has gotten done the prvious sessions, and how the weather is looking, we may have a work session to oil the interior of the ship and start on caulking, and perhaps some oar repairs.

Saturday April 13 - Work Session Depending on what was done in the previous sessions we will be oiling the interior and/or replacing decking, and caulking.

In addition to work on the vessels, we need to do some work on the shelter cover. So the strategy will be to get the ship maintenance done early in the cooler late winter, early spring, and then use a warmer late spring day when the vinyl shelter cover will be more pliable, to tighten the main cover, replace the west end panel, and install the vent kit and rig up the solar-powered fan.

Gyrfalcon Refinishing Sanding and refinishing of the Gyrfalcon was started a couple of years ago. It needs to be completed. Although ideally that would be done in the shelter when the Sae Hrafn is in the water, much of the remaining work could be done in the open, just pulling the boat out in front of the barn. (There is a 10'x10' pop-up canopy frame in the barn, which could be set up in front of the barn with a tarp draped over it for shade and/or protection from rain - with the tarp perhaps extended back to the barn to give full coverage of the boat if need be.) Anyone interested in taking on this as a project, let us know - Two or even three people could comfortably work on the Gyrfalcon at a time, and would be sufficient to man-handle it around as needed

At home work projects We described some projects that people can work on at home via the listserve. Watch for updates.

June 1 thru November 30 - Hurricane season standby Should there be credible prediction of a hurricane or tropical storm hitting the region, an emergency work party will be scheduled to secure the ship, the shelter, etc. We usually have about a week's warning when forming Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes first become potential threats to the Mid-Atlantic coast, and usually know with some certainty whether they will actually make landfall in this area about three days before they reach here.


April 27 - Southern Maryland Celtic Festival At Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum. Longship Company members will be there with the Gyrfalcon

May 25 - Tentative - Leonardtown Warf We may have the Gyrfalcon on display at an event at Leonardtown Warf, assuming that the event takes place and that it does not conflict with our Sae Hrafn launch date.

All dates and details should be confirmed through the LSCo Hotline 301-390-4089 - note, this is a person's house, please don't call before 9:00am Eastern Time or after midnight

Email longshipco AT hotmail.com for more information on all events




ListServ Info

If you are interested in joining our ListServ which gets information on upcoming Longship Company events, related events, discussion of boats, etc., please visit the for information or send an email to mailto:longshipco@hotmail.com


Longship Company T-Shirts

Are available. $12 for members, $15 for non-members plus postage. Email longshipco@hotmail.com for ordering information.

All activities of the Longship Co., Ltd., including activities involving the Sae Hrafn or the Gyrfalcon, are at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  If you have any questions about specific events contact the person(s) listed above, if you have something for the board, the newsletter, or want more info on joining, please contact the board at the company email box LongshipCo@hotmail.com --- or call the Longship Hotline at 301-390-4089 (Maryland, USA) for more information.


While serving aboard Longship Company vessels you are expected to obey the following regulations:

1. All crew (LSCo members and guests) and officers are expected to row if physically possible. Guests MAY be excused from this requirement.

2. Personal Flotation Devices (Life Preservers) are stowed under the thwarts. If you can't swim or are a poor swimmer, we strongly recommend that you wear one. If you are a good swimmer, be sure to keep it at hand. If you are below the age of 13, Maryland law requires that you wear one at all times. If conditions warrant it, you will all be ordered to wear them. The Mate will demonstrate how they are worn.

3. Please feel free to ask questions or request help from any officer or crew member.

4. In addition, we request that you report any danger or unusual occurrences that you may observe. We can't see everything all the time.

5. In the event that someone falls overboard, speed is of the utmost importance and their rescue shall take precedence over everything else. Shout "Man Overboard!" as loudly as you can and immediately throw a life vest, life ring, or anything that floats, towards them. Even if they are already wearing a life vest, additional flotation will still be useful. If they sink, it will mark the spot we need to return to. Under no circumstances should anyone else jump overboard, as we do not need to try to rescue two people at the same time. If you fall overboard, don't panic. We will be making maximum, and as speedy as possible, effort to retrieve you. And, in some of the areas where we normally take the ship, the water is less than five feet deep, meaning that a person can stand touching bottom with head above water.

6. We carry ample water aboard. Please avail yourself whenever thirsty, or in hot weather, even before you're thirsty.

7. Please keep one hand for yourself and one for the ship.

8. Ask permission before moving from your station.

9. Please ask permission if you want to use any ship's equipment.

10. Please do not litter. Trash will be stowed in designated places.

11. Never jump into any vessel. They are not built for it.

12. Orders will be given by the officers and will always be clearly indicated. Any sentence beginning with "I wonder what . . . " or "I think we should . . . " is a matter being considered and/or discussed, and NOT an order, so do not jump the gun and start the action before the actual order is given.

13. You are reminded you are on this voyage voluntarily. As such, you are responsible for your own safety. Please act prudently and responsibly in all situations.

14. There will be no smoking on this vessel.

15. The use of alcohol will be strictly controlled*, and at the discretion of the Captain.

16. The possession and use of any drugs not prescribed by your doctor, or any illegal substances, is forbidden. If any violation of this regulation is revealed, the vessel will return directly to port, and the authorities will be notified. The Coast Guard will seize any vessels with drugs aboard, and we wish to avoid that fate.

(*Out on the water in general, and especially on a crew-dependent ship like ours, consumption of alcohol even in moderate amounts can be dangerous. So, while alcohol is not absolutely prohibited in all cases, safety is paramount. When allowed, consumption of alcohol will be limited to amounts that will not affect performance and will not have any possibility of jeopardizing safety.)

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